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Each General Staff Member should think of himself/herself as an Event Planner, Host, and Cashier.  As such, your job is to coordinate every detail of parties, tournaments, and other events hosted at and by Arcadia Evolutions.  Your job is also to entertain patrons and provide them with accurate, relevant product detail to allow them to make an informed purchase. 

As an Arcadia Evolutions Staff Member, you will spend a large portion of your time actually out on the floor ensuring that the patrons are being well cared for. In many regards, the job also functions as a part of the sales and marketing department. Key strategies for performing well in this position include quickly learning and remembering repeat patrons and making sure these patrons are always greeted by name on subsequent visits.

~ You will work to answer questions patrons may have as well as do what you can to make sure the patrons feel welcome.
~ You will be coordinating various aspects of the events from the theme and enticements to arranging printed materials and audio-visual equipment. 
~ You will be developing advertising and marketing schemes.
~ You will be working with organizations, professionals, vendors, corporations, and even aspects of government.
~ Some organizations have internal meeting staff planners, and others hire independent meeting and convention planning firms to organize their events.  You may be asked to do both.
~ As a General Staff Member, you will be asked to create programs that address the purpose, message or impression that our organization or clients are trying to communicate.
~ You will be expected to plan and execute all details related to a variety of meeting formats including seminars, tournaments, trade shows, executive retreats, incentive programs, conventions, and other programs.

To be a successful Arcadia Evolutions General Staff Member you will be expected to have and develop the following skills:
~  Friendly and considerate
~ Verbal and written communications
~ Organization and time management
~ Project management and multi-tasking
~ Self-starter and team player
~ Understand Computers, computer applications, video games, and video game related news
~ Detail and deadline-oriented
~ Calm and personable under pressure
~ Negotiation
~ Budget management
~ Staff management
~ Marketing and public relations
~ Interpersonal skills with all levels of management

Successful Arcadia Evolutions General Staff Members will develop the following knowledge about:
~ Venue selection
~ Catering
~ Production
~ Entertainment
~ Gifts
~ Transportation
~ Conference Services

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